Pardon my Allure.


HERMAN was born out of a family rebellion against fast-fashion norms. Tired of dependency on those who fail to appreciate the commitment to quality in the retail industry, our founders took charge, reclaiming control over production, brand narrative and designs. Just like you, they needed that last push to create something new in an unfamiliar environment, and they did so without looking back.

We see you were made to succeed - now it's time for you to notice it.

HERMAN is for the ambitious individuals who want to be remembered as those who weren't afraid of expressing their most authentic selves and didn't let their creative side die. Staying true to yourself in a world that praises conformity is the purest form of empowerment.

Dare to try?

We aim to bring the fashion industry back to the principles it used to have, where quality was not a luxury - it was a standard. But we're also planning to have fun along the way and keep delivering uniquely crafted designs to you. Life's not about just mere existence. It's about shaping your own unique journey and fully trusting in the choices you're making. These choices start with how you present yourself. That's why we're here - to help you reach new heights and do it in style.